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Upper denture with PRO-Net reinforcement


When to recommend PRO-Net?

The acrylic resin used to make dentures is fragile. Dentures can break down due to fatigue of the material caused by constant micro-shocks during chewing. A denture can easily break if it falls, resulting in uncomfortable and potentially unpleasant situations for your patients.

Now these situations can be prevented by using PRO-Net. PRO-Net reinforced dentures are almost 2 times more resistant to fracture. PRO-Net is significantly more resistant to material degradation over time.

Although PRO-Net is ideal for all new dentures, it is especially indicated wherever traditional metal reinforcements are used:

    • The denture is well-fitting but prone to fracture
    • Denture in combination with own teeth in opposite jaw
    • Thin dentures where vertical space is limited
    • Strong bite patients
    • Implant-supported dentures

Your patients don’t want broken dentures – avoid this emergencies in your busy day!

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